I am intrigued to build an app (2 of them really) for my personal use mainly. Both of them will be estimating apps working off of a cost matrix, one for my job and also another for my side business. I use Excel and Access every day at my job...I am much better at Excel than access though I have created some simple databases in access that serve me well....so I understand both programs and have sensibilities to know how to write the formulas to make it answer whatever I need...PLUS..i kinda want to build an app just for the glory of building one..these wouldn't be for sale because they couldn't be used by anyone else.....just for my use...I have no time-frame to build either one because what i have now works and has worked for 12 yrs but i was just thinking "wouldn't it be cool if......"

I know I just cant pick up a book and start coding..I KNOW this...and it would take a few years to just get the fundamentals down but I have nothing but time so there is no rush..like I said..i want to build them for my own satisfaction...plus I see the benefits it would bring to my job.

At my job we were recently issued iPads and will be using an app for (which is cloud based) for our inspection/QC documentation and reporting (I work in a chemical plant) and I have been to a tutorial class for the app we will be using. After being introduced to it, it made me think of ways a similar app would be useful for me at my job but this app we will be using is not for costs or estimating or progress tracking...its strictly a reporting app.. I was thinking if I could somehow create an app that will handle the cost matrix of my excel workbook, which is extensive and also apply some of the qualities of my access database I could have a very cool app.....then I got to thinking "If im going to look into building an app for estimating why don't I first build one for my side biz outside of my work...which that one would be very easy to build in theory...nowhere near as extensive as what my actual job app would be BUT both will be working off of a cost matrix of sorts.

So my questions are the following:

1 - Can an app be created for estimating/progress tracking...which is working off of a cost matrix.

2 - if the above answer is yes, then can someone point me in the right direction to start learning how to code/write an app to be used on the ipad. A beginners "how to book" just to get the ball rolling in my pea sized brain haha. I need to learn the fundamentals first and that will take a ton of time.

I have looked online for online classes and/or beginner books and nothing struck me as "this is what I need!"....so I joined this site to ask these questions.

Thanks for your time to read.