attempting to get some help here

type Figure a = Pos -> a

type Pos = (Double, Double) -- (x, y)
now i need to create a circle which has type::
Double -> Figure Bool

so written out Double -> Pos -> Bool

and or a position (x,y) i need to check if it falls into the circle or not

circle gets an argument of double which is the radius
circe r
and a position for the Figure
circle r (x,y)

the formula to create a circle is \r -> pi*r^2
so i use foldr(\r -> pi*r^2)
and then i need to see if (x,y) falls into the circle
for this i use elem()[]

so i get

circle r = elem (x,y) (foldr(\r -> pi*r^2))

but this gives me :

Type error in application
*** Expression     : (x,y) `elem` foldr (\r -> pi * r ^ 2)
*** Term           : foldr (\r -> pi * r ^ 2)
*** Type           : b -> [b -> b] -> b
*** Does not match : [a]
anyone who has insight ?