Hey guys! We are currently researching on programming languages for non-programmers or novice programmers at our university.
Introducing computer programming to someone who has none or very little knowledge about computers or programming can be exceptionally challenging.
In an attempt to overcome these challenges, we have developed two visual programming environments - Flow-based and Block-based, which will help one to code in a very simple manner, by using different types of diagrammatic representations like blocks, shapes or tables.
One can consider this environment very similar to solving a puzzle by attaching the different pieces together to get a final result.
We want to determine which out of those two paradigms is more easy for users!

Please help me evaluate these Programming Environments by clicking on the link and solving a simple problem question!

The KD Experiment

Two environments will be given to you one after the other (could be Same or Different) and a feedback form at the end of each of the environments.

Thanks in advance and Happy Coding!