I was attempting to upgrade SSL on my netbsd machine and after a 'make install' I was logged out(I was logged in via ssh), and when I attempted to log back in(via ssh) I was given this message: "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" So I went and attempted to log in the the actual machine and couldn't everytime I would enter any username including root at the prompt and hit enter I was not prompted for a password, it just asked for the login name again. I rebooted and the same thing happens. When I attempt to log in via ssh I get: "Connection closed by $IP". Any help is appreciated.

#NOTE I've already booted into singe user mode and looked for anything odd, but could find nothing(maybe I don't know what to look for). I also edited /etc/rc.conf to prevent sshd from starting to see if it was causing the problem, but it wasn't. And I reset the root password too just in case, but it had no effect. I'm out of ideas.

#FIXED Okay it seems I somehow screwed up the login script and it was crashing when I attempted to login. I just got out the old install CD, did an upgrade, and it's fixed.