>>Yes and you are invading the privacy of your users.
lol - true true, to be honest I doubt I'd do this on a production server - this is on my home server on 56k link(!), so am not accepting any money from anyone as yet.

First and foremost I suppose is to build an infrastructure you know is secure (or as secure as possible) so worrying about what users do in a shell will not be so much of an issue. I guess too it would be pointless to record every login session on a production server with more than only a few users logging in per day, so I'll concentrate on getting everything as secure as possible and perhaps create a cron job to occasionally grep .history files for keywords any 'behaving' user shouldn't be using.

I've just installed the ucspi-tcp suite anyway and am wading through the documentation on the http://cr.yp.to site presently. inetd will officially get the boot tomorrow I think in favour of tcp-server and your examples above re that will help immensely. Many thanks for that.

What you say about djb being at the fore in unix dev certainly seems to hold true from the links I've read through at his site (found particular interest in his notes on his work on TCP SYN cookies, very interesting).

Cheers again,