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    OpenSSH : NEED TO clear RPATH and RUNPATH

    Hello all,

    Currently my Solaris 10 system is installed with openSSH 5.3p1 (which includes patches for sftp and chroot).
    The RUNPATH and RPATH for the package is as follows

    [2] NEEDED 0x4220 librt.so.1
    [3] NEEDED 0x42ab libbsm.so.1
    [4] NEEDED 0x4234 libz.so.1
    [5] NEEDED 0x4247 libsocket.so.1
    [6] NEEDED 0x425f libnsl.so.1
    [7] NEEDED 0x4284 libc.so.1
    [8] INIT 0x5e164
    [9] FINI 0x5e174
    [10] RUNPATH 0x42b7 /tools/Solaris/openssl/lib:/tools/Solaris/SunOS/usr/lib:/usr/lib:/opt/SUNWconn/cryptov2/lib:/usr/sfw/lib:/tools/Solaris/SunOS/lib
    [11] RPATH 0x42b7 /tools/Solaris/openssl/lib:/tools/Solaris/SunOS/usr/lib:/usr/lib:/opt/SUNWconn/cryptov2/lib:/usr/sfw/lib:/tools/Solaris/SunOS/lib

    [12] HASH 0x100e8
    [13] STRTAB 0x15cc8
    [14] STRSZ 0x4339
    [15] SYMTAB 0x11f98
    [16] SYMENT 0x10
    [17] CHECKSUM 0x9cda
    [18] VERNEED 0x1a004
    [19] VERNEEDNUM 0x6

    Now, I need to clear these paths and want to set both RPATH and RUNPATH as follows.

    [6] INIT 0x3e24c
    [7] FINI 0x3e258
    [8] RUNPATH 0x2a19 /usr/sfw/lib
    [9] RPATH 0x2a19 /usr/sfw/lib

    [10] HASH 0x10108
    [11] STRTAB 0x14530
    [12] STRSZ 0x2a26


    [6] INIT 0x3e24c
    [7] FINI 0x3e258
    [8] RUNPATH 0x2a19 /usr/lib
    [9] RPATH 0x2a19 /usr/lib

    [10] HASH 0x10108
    [11] STRTAB 0x14530
    [12] STRSZ 0x2a26

    Can anyone help me how this can be done ? Quick reply will be highly appreciated since its very critical for my further precedence.
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    Not a BSD question, but I'll try and answer anyway

    There is a utility called chrpath that does work on solaris (at least solaris 10 for sure). It may not be available on your system though. In this case, you'll need to download and compile/install this package.

    If you're going to do this, why not just download the OpenSSH sources and compile them the way you want. Or do you need to retain the system installed openssh?
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