My question is for all you designer/programmer's out there. I'm a business owner with an online site. My site was working fine until the host company upgraded which caused my captcha to fail. (Developer's answer)

After my site being down 6 days which caused me to lose numerous clients, my web guy finally got to the issue and then proceeds to send me a bill for 3 hours at $125 an hour to fix the bug in the captcha. Keep in mind, he will not release my site logins to me so he is the only one who has ever been into the back end of my site which means he coded it originally and any bugs are his.

I've had my share of issues with this guy and I know I should cut bait, but my question is, is this dude anywhere close to being able to ask me for this kind of compensation after waiting 6 days to get to a problem that was neither my issue nor did I have the ability to get someone else to fix it. I can see if he jumped on it immediately, but talking his sweet time and still charging me $125 per hour seems a little egregious to me. Thanks in advance.