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    how much to charge?

    hey all,

    ive been developing sites for several months now and have been building them for fun! but now i wana start building them commercially under my own company name! ive sorted out legalities etc but have one query!

    ive never in my whole life been quoted or heard of the charges behind building a website! so my question is HOW MUCH DO I CHARGE? what is a reasonable price for small commercial clients to pay for a corporate website to being built in UK sterling??

    I know the price is going to vary dramatically but a rough estimate would be great so that i dont charge over the top and get no clients at all!


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    depending on the type of site (php/mysql asp or basic html) your looking at about 15-30 an hour obviously a 1man band isnt going to pay 30 an hour but should give you a rough idea, and then you would say how many hours it will take roughly and give them an estimate
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    How much is your time worth? I started out charging about USD 10 per hour and peaked out around USD 50 per hour depending on the job. However, things changed from job to job. Some wanted me to do work for them in their office per hour, (usually charged a bit more more per hour) others wanted a fix price. On those I usually took my rate (say USD 30 per hour) and estimated the number of hours it would take to complete (10 hours = $300, 50 hours = $1500).
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    I never really thought about it in HOURLY rate until recently. I've been doing flat rates since I started, which was 2 years ago. I basically broke it down into items:

    1. html page = US $130/pg.
    2. image = US $25/img.
    3. scripting = US $35/hr.

    It seems that the average would be US $30/hr. in your case. But the best thing is to figure out how long it takes to make a sight. Once you have that you can manage your projects better. That has been the biggest challenge for me. I'll under estimate a project and I end up working long hours to complete it. Then other projects become late, etc...
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