Could anyone please give me some guidance or examples of licensing conventions and
associated EULA language snippets related to the sale of small web components?
For example, HTML template insertion logic, URL and form parsers, screen
navigation logic, session handling logic etc.

They could be distributed in binary and/or source form.

For source the user would likely be allowed to customised the source.
Related Issues here include ownership of the edited versions, non-compete agreement on producing any similar product within a fix period of time after receiving the source and prevention of direct copying of sections of code into
their own source code.

Software could have a single developer fee permitting unlimited deployment or more likely have a charge per deployment. In the first case in particular a EULA would
have language that prevents production of software that exposes my software functionality,
directly or through producing close derivatives. For payment per deployment Iím not sure this matters.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,