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    My best friends Kicken & Catacaustic,
    My slowly rising friends gw1500se, dsmabismad.
    And my rough friends Benanamen & Sepodati,
    (I won't dare call Requinix my friend, (although I do feel like calling him that), as he banned me from one forum which I know for definite and guessing banned me from another 1 or 2 and so won't push my luck with him until you guys start patting me on my back for my new inventions first).

    I have some great news for you. Something Catacuastic and Benanaman said they are waiting to see. (Frankly, I don't believe they are waiting to see it. Just said it out of politeness I guess).
    I released my Android Browser app yesterday to my family to test it out. You can call it beta version, if you like. The links in the "Bookmarks" are the real features that make the users money. Features built with php (web app on my website).
    Hoping, the web app features would be enough to drive a person out of poverty.
    I used to turn my web app into an Android App.
    Haven't released it publicly yet because the "kick a person out of poverty" feature is not finished yet and won't finish until I got these small php issues out of the way.
    Why mysqli_stmt_bind_result Failing To Yield Results Properly ? - Page 2
    Converting Pagination Procedural Style Code To PREP STMT
    Recommend Me A Proxy Hosting Service!

    And so, this is a small progress on my venture. Atleast, I managed to build the Android App and release it to my family. Then, it would be released to my friends. Then, in the open public. Let's hope it helps the homeless, unemployed, house wives, single mothers, bankrupts, etc. out of poverty.
    I'll drop some of you guys a PM to the download link and so experiment with it and try to figureout what all the fuss was all about that I have been dreaming for nearly 3yrs now.

    I emailed about 15 VPS hosts the other day and only about 2 allowed me to run my web proxy. Yes, the Android app would be a mobile proxy but that is not the top, big idea secret. Just part of it. Android browser automation is part of it too. No spamming involved.
    I'm mentioning this so you guys can see what a newbie in php like me can do with php. A newbie upstart.
    And, you're welcome to contribute to my threads as much as you can without calling me a troll or help vampire. Lol!

    Anyway, thanks for bearing with me, especially Catacaustic.


    Take care!
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