Hi my name is Andreas,i am from sweden.Right now i wanna expand my buisness to spain.I want contact with people that is not afraid to work.And are happy positive people.I dont wanna work with boring negative people!So if you consider yourself a happy positive Man/woman you can contact me.You must be a grown-up

Here is some of the buisness.

I work with a company that is in telecom,engery,gas-E-shoping.

Next! Thursday on July 15 we are going open up Telecom in spain.

How can you earn money?

Would you like to get payed everytime someone is using the telephone? sending a SMS,MMS when people make a call,resive a call?.The future looks like this

When someone is useing internet.
When someone turns on the lights.
When someone is makeing food.
When someone is buying things over the web.

If this sounds like someone you wanna look more into.Then first u must add me on MSN-ICQ so we can talk more about it.
My MSN is,ACNRulez@hotmail.com
My icq is 175167865 when you add me you must tell me why.Tell me its about the buisness.

Have a great day all