I'm just looking for opinions on this. Or suggestions of an MLM provider that will work for this situation.

Here's the situation.
A client has a list of contact info that is purchased from a National Organization in his particualr farming industry.
The info can only be obtained by members of this organization.
The info is a list of potenial customers who have requested information about that particular farming industry.

The client wants to send marketing info to these potential customers.
I checked a remotely hosted provider that I've used for mailing list management in the past (www.mailermailer.com) and they specifically say their services are for opt-in lists only, and not for purchased lists.

The defininition of opt-in is someone has requested information to be sent to them.

Now they're not requesting the info directly from the client, but they have requested the info. The organization sends a packet and passes the contact info to farms in the potential customers area for them to send additional info.
The page where the potential customer requests the info only says " Please fill out the following form to receive a free informational packet on the Alpaca industry". No privacy policy or anything.

Could this "technically" be considered opt-in? I don't see it as spam, as they have requested the info. (Although other's may argue)

Should we contact the organization and see if they'll add append the form to make it suitable? Maybe add a privacy policy or something?

Or any suggestions on another mailing list manager to take this list to, similar to mailermailer (with tracking, list export, etc.)?