Hi All:

I am planning to open an offshore company (with nominee service) for running an legitimate and legal adult website for US based customers. I am planning to use CCBill for customer payments.

I am really new to this business, it will be great if you can answer some of my questions.

1. I am not sure which country is the best for incorporation in terms of your privacy, tax savings, legal protection etc.
I am looking at Seychelles vs. Dominica now.

2. Once we have offshore company setup, do they give us some address and phone number that I can put on the website?

3. How does CCBill work with this offshore company? I guess you can't really be anonymous with the CCBill. You need to provide all the details. Does CCBill need offshore bank account? Or can they still send a personal check?

4. How does US tax system work if you have an offshore company? Is it better to have offshore bank account? I wonder what are the restrictions on offshore bank account when you running adult business.

5. Now that you have an offshore company, does it matter where the web-servers are located? Is it better to have offshore servers for adult business in terms of laws and protection? Btw, I am going to have a legitimate and legal business.

Any information on this really appreacitated.

Thank you so much.