Hi everyone,

I'm looking for your opinion (and beta testers) on my new start up.

I'm launching a new start up that offers software developers a place to publish your plugins and patches, and offer paid support via bug tracker, forums, chat, and phone. You can choose how you want to offer support for your software.

We take care of collecting monthly support subscription payments for you using PayPal.

Best of all, it's completely free for developers. We collect a small 10% fee on your monthly support subscriptions.

Website: patchparty.com


Finding plugins and patches isn't an easy task.

  • Do you know exactly where to find a patch for a particular software?
  • Can you find a patch that does what you want?
  • Can you find a patch that works with the current version of the software?
  • Can you find a patch that someone is supporting?

These types of problems are really frustrating for everyone in the open source community, both developers and non-developers.