Iím looking for some advice on efficient project workflow between client and myself and a third team member.

Basically as a freelance web designer (balanced w/ FT job) I am taking on more and more clients, and I want (at this point) to continue to be the lead designer . . . but I do not want to have to waste time maintaining the sites- the task of wasteful textual updates for one client takes valuable design time from another client. So I donít want to completely steer away from biz that requires continuous updating. Instead, I am considering hiring a college kid familiar with basic xhtml/css/ftp to do updates for me. Iím in NYC, where there are so many schools to choose from all I have to do is post a job on a school website . .

I would appreciate any feedback regarding my first draft at workflow chart


[edit]as I look at this I realize its pretty damn straightforward, just when high volume of work gets processed its nice to have a simple model[/edit]