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    Starting an IT company in India – Suggestions needed


    I need some suggestion on a fairly important matter for me. I am based in UK but am originally from India (and all my family is based there), and I have been into online businesses from some time now, and making a reasonable income. I am neither into programming, nor designing, but I am good at marketing on the web, and attracting clients. Most of my present sources of revenue include, selling scripts made by my hired programmers, writing articles and other stuff like sales letters, etc., and my websites. Not knowing programming has been a bit of a hurdle, as I usually have to get someone to work on each and every little change I have to make, and hence it really hampers the growth of my websites, and my ideas.

    During the years, I have also gained enough experience, to know the places and ways to actually get clients and some business. Secondly, after coming to UK, and realising that there is immense difference between the cost of programming in India and in UK, and there is a lot of programming talent in India, I have been seriously considering setting up a small IT company in India, when I go back there in 8 days time for a 3 month period. I was thinking about starting with a PHP programmer and a designer and expanding as and when I get more work. I am pretty confident, that I would be able to get enough work to pay the salaries of the two hired people, and hopefully with a good margin as well (considering what I presently earn, my little client base J , and some contacts here through whom I expect some work).

    One problem I was thinking about was, actually keeping the employees motivated and making sure that they work, and hence I have been considering of things like bonuses on completed projects, and even getting my cousin involved and having him as a partner (or shareholder) and supervisor back home. I would like to have some suggestions on:

    1. What sort of skillet should I be looking at (although I have decided a PHP programmer and a designer to begin with, it would be preferable if they know some other stuff as well), so what else is considered basic, and stuff where I can expect to get some work?
    2. What sort of different methods do you think I can use to track employees to make sure that they are working (This can be a bit of a problem in India, if there is no supervision)
    3. What sort of incentives can I offer them?
    4. What sort of possible problems do you see arising?
    5. What’s the scope of actually get work from UK clients?
    6. Any other comments.

    Another service, which I have been thinking about providing, is, actually having dedicated employees for businesses in UK. For e.g. a client can define the skill set needed, and we can provide them with a dedicated employee, who will work full time for them, for around £800/Month (Approx.). I would also like to mention that I have very good links in both the IT and Business sector back home, and hence setting up isn’t seen as a big hurdle.

    Thanks for your help
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    Understanding your need I will advise you to look for outsourcing your projects, as your choice if you are operating it through india as outsourcing it will allow you to concentrate on your core business reduce operating cost and reduce project overheads savings on skilled manpower, IT infrastructure and technology.
    There is availability of skilled professionals and infrastructure as per your projects and your requirements.
    overall completion of project in time and within budget can save more than 50% on your project cost.

    Benefits of Outsourcing in India.
    Large pool of computer literate and English speaking professionals.
    Well recognized Information technology skills.
    Wide gap between personnel costs in India and developed countries.
    Combination skill sets easily available with Experience of communicating and working with global clients
    Government supportive of such activities.
    Excellent training infrastructure.
    Excellent Telecom infrastructure.

    Check the following with your outsourcing Company.
    security resources and infrastructure on top & Most priority.
    They are available 24 / 7 and take care of your clients and support round the clock.
    Backup system
    Ability to quickly understand your needs
    Completion of project within given time frame and budget
    Transparent approach and long term relationship.

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