I run a technology consulting firm and we've a number of people having issues with iBooks made circa 2002 with monitor and logic board issues. I personally use an iBook I purchased in 2002 for both home and business use. I elected not to have the company purchase me a computer to save money. I am actually on one of our powerbooks right now, because last night my iBook went loopy. We haven't sent this one off to the shop yet, but its the logic board. We've seen this before with another iBook. I have a theory about tech problems...if you start to see a large number of people saying they have the exact same problem...something's wrong.

I hadn't elected to use a powerbook because my iBook did everything I we let employees check out powerbooks for road trips or for home use. There is a reason why we keep a couple extra laptops collecting dust.

Anyway, its pissed me off now to the point of prosuing a class action to force the issue. Anyone know of any other efforts by scum sucking attournies to launch such an effort, or do I need to seek our own blood sucking corporate law firm to do this?