Hello, I need help from professionals as I'm totally new in this field. I have no previous knowledge of coding. I hope you can assist me!

1) I would like to purchase an online flash game license (modifying permitted without resell of the game or source) and create a website for it. For example, short mini-putt game or tank. How much would it cost for me to buy a game license for a game like above? What if the game is a decade old using "actionscript2", does that change the price?

2) What should I be wary about in terms of coming to agreements with the seller? How should I approach my payment method so that I'm "safe" legally? Does the contract need certain things stated?

3) I really don't have a clue how to create a website from scratch. Am I able to use wordpress (what is this?) to have this game on the site? Using wordpress, can I create databases so that I can allow only logged in players to play and track highscores and save them? Using wordpress, is it possible to incorporate chat and multiplayer to the game so that people can challenge each other?

I would really, really, really, and really appreciate your help!

Thank you for reading and sincerely,