Say I have a site that is just a list of movies that gets a lot of traffic. Say it looks something like:


Each item in the list is linked to a redirect script. So, the hyperlink for Movie1 would point to r.php simply parses an Amazon search string and then redirects to the Amazon search page. Simple enough.

However, I want to contact the company that produced Movie1 and tell them that I will "sell them" the link, meaning I would make it so that would go to Movie1's official site, not the Amazon search page.

What I'm worried about is that the production company or whoever I contact will own the rights to Movie1 and certainly will have it trademarked.

So, first off, is it okay to have the links page in the first place? Secondly, by offering to "sell" the link, do I run the risk of receiving cease and desist orders instead of "That sounds like a great idea!" letters?

Thanks in advance