Game Dent is a recently opened website for all gamers. As time goes on we will provide gamers with all the best content. We do not provide long, boring reviews, we write 100-300 quick words saying the best and bad points. We donít want to bore visitors, and copy all the other gaming sites, we just want to provide the easiest content to understand and read.

The Community is the most important aspect of our site. We are trying to build a big user database, which will hopefully support our site by submitting reviews. All reviews that are submitted are taken in to account, and eventually will be awarded with prizes.

To build a good site you need reliable staff. Currently we have minimal workers, so it is hard to maintain the site. All staff if they provide us with original, and good quality content will eventually get paid and/or be provided with free, reviewable copies of games.

If you would like to apply to work for us then send an email to with your: