Here in Thailand, almost everybody uses, er... 'shared software. However, many small businesses, internet shops etc need to use legal sw; thanks to a deal done between M$ and the Thai police, which provides for a fine of about $1500 and confiscation of the PC.

I service clients with up to 12 PCs. A while back, I went shopping for w98 COAs. No joy. The places which had them at a reasonable price would not ship outside the US. The ones which will ship outUS are way to high.

Here's the deal. Your school or office probably has several original CDs anf COAs for w98se or w2000 which are NOT installed and NOT in use. See if you can make a deal. And let me know what you've got and what you want for it.

This is not get rich quick BS. This is a chance to make a few bucks simply and honestly.