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    Solve the DMCA complains for remixes/production/...


    Since I was looking for long time ago for hosting solutions, where I will be able to provide to visitors my remixes and own music production, regarding to avoid any complains of DMCA or any other organisation like it, I found one perfect website. It is like "open source" license. So for example:
    You do not have contract with any of copyright organisations. But you have created some wonderfull remix, or even own production and by that you would like to add it on internet, but legally! You ask any hosting company, if you can upload these mp3 files and usually you (me) will get answer as:
    "If it is copyrighted material, then no, you will not be able to provide such a stuff with our company.

    Dang, what to do? How can I own my website and have remixes/production on it?"

    YES, it is possible to put remixes, live sets and/or own production to public without DMCA complains. All what your/mine clients need to do, is to get license for their creation.

    And how to get it, how much does it cost?
    It is totally free of charge and really simple to get it . All what you need to do is to ask your clients who provide such a website, to go on creativecommons.org and verify their creation with free license.

    They need to be carefull, what kind of license will they take. They should read and get the license for their needs. There is also license which contains free public sharing file. By that, owner of that song/live set/picture/... will not be able to sell that creation as long as it is under CC license.

    I think that this is very good solution to have less complains of DMCA, but this is NOT related for original mp3/eBooks or something. So, only own creation .

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    You're nuts, my friend. You can't just take some artists work and remix it without their permission and put a creative commons license on it. That is a violation of copyright law and the RIAA (or your own country's equivalent) lawyers will be on your case lickety split.

    If you have produced your own work and want to put it on the web, you can put any darn license on it that you like: BSD, GPL, Perl Artistic License, Apache License etc. After all, it is your work and you decide how to control your works.

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    Scorps is correct, the assertions of the OP are false: You can't remix something and put it out under creative commons license. You have no right to do that, it doesn't bypass copyright law it violates it.

    The trouble of having material you legally have the right to distribute over a webhost is a non-issue. I distribute my own music on my own website and have for years. Many hosts won't host such content because they are mostly concerned about bandwidth. Technically I believe my host may prohibit mp3s as a matter of general policy, but seeing as I own full copyright and it doesn't get that much traffic or downloads this has never been an issue and I've had the same host for years. They have phones and I've talked to them about it. Just because some hosting is more A.R. doesn't mean there aren't web hosts that cater to artists with legitimate right to copy.

    You don't need to be a member of a PRO (PERFORMANCE RIGHTS ORGANIZATION) such as BMI, SESAC or ASCAP to formally copyright your material by filing a copyright. Copyright is automatic when you create a work, filing only records this and makes it easier to prove. PRO's collect royalty money on radio plays and such. They are not "copyright organizations".

    Bottom line: A creative commons license does not and cannot in anyway replace or override a copyright. If you own the copyright use any license you like, it's your right. If you don't own the copyright you have no right to relicense.
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