I am aware of the fact that one can not host English mp3 download website. But what about the copyright laws for the music produced and marketed outside USA such as Indian music.

I want to host a website where I would not allow members to download the mp3s but listen, using a music player that can be seen here http://www.flashnukers.com

There are lot of websites that allow indian songs to download and play live such as http://www.indiahits.com and http://www.sma****s.com and http://www.esargam.com for downloads. I think these sites are pretty much legal, but not too sure.

So can any one post a link or provide some info about the laws.

Also is it possible to change a copyrighted material, like remixes, without the permission of the author/creator and then use it as a non - copyrighted material?

Thanx for your patience

Edit: Oops I didnt know that www.s m a s h i t s.com had a censored word in it :P