Hey, I'm Kat. I have an idea for a website, and I have the means to put it all together. It's a social repository for developers of music, games, programs, videos, literature, art, etc. where everything is free, ad-less, and the point is for people to work together to get the project done, where they all contribute what they can. Imagine if Kerbal Space Program was created in that way. You would have the founder, or the person who came up with the idea. They wouldn't have to contribute a cent of work other than coming up with the idea and managing the project. Our founder gets the word out to a few people using the sites advertising functionality, and some amateurs jump in and finish up a neat little C++ 2D rocket game. It gets a lot of buzz and so some more experienced developers come and contribute five or six hours of their time into this game, and turn it into a 3D Unity game with plenty of functionality. Later, an experienced developer from Sweden steps in while the others are asleep. If the game is popular enough, it would have non-stop development and different ideas being contributed at different speeds and skill levels. Eventually a game like Kerbal Space Program would be complete fifty times faster than it would if five or six developers who work as a company were to develop it. All of it would have been done for free, all for credit and for the joy of achieving and accomplishing a game of utter greatness. And that's just one example of a game. Imagine what else you could accomplish with the combined minds of the internet?
Let's make humanity great, shall we not?

Question 1. Would you use this service, if it meant you would have to work together to get something accomplished?
Question 2. Would you help to make this website into reality, using the model of the website where everyone chips in as much as they would like?
Question 3. Does the non-profit business model work, where donations are the key to keeping the site running?

If you're thinking about stealing this idea, talk to me first. Maybe we can pull this off together.
Good idea, or not? Any loop holes?