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    Am I responsible for additions to inventory?


    For a client that paid me below normal cost (family) - I made a inventory database, public web-site that access those records, and a private admin center where manager can login and do all the necessary functions like adding inventory, news updates, etc.

    Before he paid me for the finished product, I told him in an email "I can guarantee you I will provide you database administration and web-site maintenance for 6 months."

    My problem is he's been sending me emails (up to 5 a day) with details on new pieces of inventory to add to the system. I've been adding the new inventory for about a month or two after I was paid, but now, have become to busy to do it anymore.

    I told him I might be too busy and I'll need him to login to the admin center (created soley for this purpose and added 2 weeks to the development time) and add inventory himself. It would take just as long to send me those emails, as it would to login to the admin center and add the inventory himself. He replied: "better rethink that"

    My problem is when I said database administration and website maintenance I was thinking in terms of if there are any problems I will fix them, and make sure the database operates correctly. That is what I thought those terms mean. Not manage their inventory and add every piece of new inventory they get to the database. Would I be wrong in my assumption? Am I responsible for managing his inventory for 6 months?
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    There are no exact legal definitions of the terms 'database administration' or 'website maintenance'.

    The fact that your client is family makes it complicated. I can't possibly address the dynamics there that might affect your decision, but obviously it's something you have to keep in mind that wouldn't come into play for a normal client.

    If it were a normal client, I would just stop doing the updates. When he follows up to ask about them, I would explain again that I have other projects occupying my time, and I would resend him instructions for updating the site himself. I would just keep sending that same info every time he asks.

    I might also offer to do the changes for him for an hourly rate.

    If he brings up the "database administration and web-site maintenance" thing I would give him my own definitions of those terms as if my definition were an official or technical one.

    If he asks why you did them for the first few months, explain that you had free time and were doing it just to be nice and helpful.

    I see no particular reason why you should be stuck managing a website for 6 months without being paid for it.

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