I am looking to rent a server to host my web application which will be launched world wide. I need to start with one server then will expand on demand.

I don't have full info about hosting and I don't have much info how to setup a secure FTP, Firewall, Email server, how to copy the database by the cron, PHP security to protect from attackers, etc. Never worked on a remote server, I used to have my own webserver (Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS) at home but just for testing purposes and afraid to go live without experts to guide me as it is my life business to launch very soon.

I can learn this myself but I need time and effort and honestly I barely can finish the PHP/Javascript/AJAX development for the project.

I need a company to provide me with a server to rent + to provide me with a full help of hosting/PHP/security/FTP/etc. related issues as mentioned above.

May I know the offers and the prices? I can go for the dedicated virtual initially.

Thank you and regards!