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    Adding a CF server to CF Builder 2.0

    1. I was try to add a my local CF developer server to the CF Builder 2 and I found very inconsistent terms definition. I went to my server admin interface and select “settings information” and I did not found the many parameters:

    2. Server Name – there was no server name available. How you can install Adobe Server without name? Is there any default?

    3. Application Server was setup to Jrun – what does it mean?

    4. Host Name – there was no host name in the list available? Is this the IP address?

    5. WebServer Port – there was no port defined in the server installed. What’s the mean of “WebServer”? or Web Server?

    6. In the Java session I did not found the:

    7. Context Root – what is that?

    8. Application Server Name – this name was no available at all?

    9. In the server settings we have “Java” and in the setup window we have “J2EE”. Why does Adobe want to confuse us? How is in charge of the GUI Human Factor Design at Adobe?

    10. In the Other Settings session you need to enter “RDS” User name and Password. What is the meaning of “RDS”. How many times we need to understand not to use abbreviation in GUI implementation?

    11. In the “Local Server Settings” tab we need to enter the path of Server Home and Document Root. Where are these values? There are not defined in the server settings page?

    Any help will be much appreciated.
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    They're assuming a certain minimal (extremely minimal) understanding of what a web server is. Understanding what a host name or a server port are is very, very basic knowledge. Most if not all of this is also explained in the CFBuilder documentation, by the way.

    • Server name is just the label for the server in CFBuilder
    • JRun is the JEE server that CF runs on by default.
    • Host name is the network name of the server. For local installation, this is localhost. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Host_(network)
    • Port is the port that the web server is handling HTTP requests on. In a standalone install of CF, this is 8500. (On a production web server, HTTP is handled on port 80)
    • The other settings should not matter for a standalone local install.
    • Java and J2EE are labeled differently because they're two different things.
    • RDS is Remote Data Services, which you had the option to configure when the CF server was installed.

    This may help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD78zUgdVzU
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