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    Question binding to cfinput


    i am using CF 9,0,0,251028 and trying binding for the first time, trying to make the below sample work

    <cfinput name="accno" type="text" id="accno" maxlength="6" size="10" value="#updWorkgua.accno#" onBlur="checkcode(this,v_array,'Account No. ('+this.value+') Already Exists.','accno','#edit#');" readonly="#ronly2#"/>
    <cfinput name="accnom" type="text" id="accnom" size="100" bind="cfc:appCFCs.getEmailId({accno@keyup},{accno@keyup},{accno@keyup})" bindonload="true" readonly="true"/>

    the appCFCs has this


    <cffunction name="getEmailId" access="remote">
    <cfargument name="firstname">
    <cfargument name="lastname">
    <cfargument name="domain">
    <cfreturn "#left(arguments.firstname,1)#.#arguments.lastname#@#lcase(arguments.domain)#">

    when i run the code without the cfc call, binding works great. then i add the cfc call and nothing happens.
    no error no nothing. what am I missing?
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    Are you dead set on using coldfusion’s cfform variables? As a coldfusion developer of over 8 years, I would say stay away and use regular html + jQuery (or even ReactJS) for form submission.

    It’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s probably the most honest.

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