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    using 3 criteria in link sort


    I am sure this is rather easy but I am not figuring it out. I have a page set up that allows the user to sort the returned data either alphabetically or phylogentically. the prolem is that to do it phylogenetically I need to pass three column names. When I run it locally it is fine, but when I put it on the server it chokes. it is seeing the "string" as text because of the comma and spaces and I think that is the issue. here is the relevant code.

    <cfparam name="sortBy" default="GSID">
    <CFQUERY NAME="qryAllTaxa" DATASOURCE="ichweb">
    SELECT *
    FROM tblSpeciesDict
    ORDER BY #sortBy#

    <title>Species List</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="iis.css" title="default">

    <body class=list>
    <div class=head3>Sort list:</br>
    | <a class=list href="SpecList.cfm?sortBy=GSID">Alphabetically</a> | <a class=list href="SpecList.cfm?sortBy=OrderCode, FamilyCode, SubFamilyCode">Phylogenetically</a> |
    <div class=head3>Choose taxa to view</div>
    <cfoutput query="qryAllTaxa">
    <a class=list href="LHDataIll.cfm?GSID=#qryAllTaxa.GSID#" target="SearchLH">
    #qryAllTaxa.Genus# #qryAllTaxa.Species#</a>


    any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Try using #urlencodeformat("OrderCode, FamilyCode, SubFamilyCode")#.

    The syntax maybe off alittle.

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