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    Parsing Arrays into graphic navigation

    Hi, I?m a cold fusion newbie and I'm just starting to work with arrays and structures and I have not been very lucky with it so far.

    Here is what I'm trying to do with no luck.

    1) I have typical graphic navigation with a javascript roll over effect.

    2) This navigation is a CFM include "header.cfm" file but my client wants the buttons to be "sticky", meaning that the button's OVER state is activated for as long as a user remains in the buttons corresponding section. For example:

    If you got to the Contact section I want the contact_out.gif button to become contact_over.gif.

    3) At the moment each section template contains a cold fusion variable <CFSET VarSection = "Section Name"> the value of this variable changes according to template, for example if I would be in the Contact section VarSection="Contact".

    4) What I want to do is to parse this variable to the navigation buttons's file names and then if it matches one of the button file names I want is OUT mouse state to switch to ON.

    All my button files are named in this fashion: filename_mousestate.ext i.e. contact_off.gif.

    5) The most logical way I think, would be to turn to the button filename's mousestate into a variable:
    <CFPARAM MseState default= "out">. Then my navigation buttons would look as follows:


    I'm I getting this right so far?

    6) Next is where I get stuck. How do I change the value of _#MseState# only for the Button File name which matched the value #VarSection#??

    If the value for #VarSection# is "Contact" for a template, how do I then go change the out/over state for the contact button?

    7) Somebody told me vaguelly in a forum that I would need to make all button file names and MouseState into a 2 dimensional array then compare the value of [x] to the value of [y] and if the value of [x] matches the value of #VarSection# change the value of [y] to "over".

    That sounds like a good option but I still don't how would I translate that into an ARRAY and how do I isolate the values of a row and compare it to the value of a variable.

    Could anyone please help me? My brains are scrambled, I think I need an expert on this I would really apreaciate even if it would only be to tell me if I'm on the right track or not?

    Kindest Regards

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    What about something like this:

    <cfif VarSection eq "Contact">

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