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    Smile Problem on creating Charts using CF

    hi i am trying to build 3D bar chat for 13 items. hear i succeed up to showing my data as Cylinder shape.but if i put cursor on the particular Cylinder (item).it is showing only value not rowLabel(item name)(TYPEOFTREATMENT).

    i need to show both

    please help me for this

    <td colspan="3" align="center" valign="middle"> 				<cfsavecontent variable="modelTreatment">                   <cfoutput>                   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>                   <XML type="default">                     <cfloop query="qryTypesOfTreatment">                     <col>                     #TYPEOFTREATMENT#                     </col>                     </cfloop>                     <ROW             <cfloop query="qryTypesOfTreatment"><cfset iRow = currentRow - 1> col#iRow#='#NOOFPATIENTS#'</cfloop>></ROW>                   </XML>                   </cfoutput>                   </cfsavecontent>                   <cfscript>                     context  = getPageContext();                     chart = createObject("java","com.gp.api.jsp.MxServerComponent");                     svr = chart.getDefaultInstance(context.getServletContext());                     myChart        = svr.newImageSpec();                     myChart.width  = 600; 					myChart.height = 250;                     myChart.type   = attributes.chartFormat;                     myChart.style  = BarStackedOnco;                     myChart.model  = modelTreatment;                     chartTag = svr.getImageTag(myChart,"/CFIDE/GraphData.cfm?graphCache=wc50&graphID=");                   </cfscript>                   <cfoutput>#chartTag#</cfoutput>                   <cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="false"/> 				    			   				  </td>
    <cfsavecontent variable="BarStackedOnco"> <cfoutput> <frameChart font="Verdana-10">   <frame xDepth="12" yDepth="11" outline="black" wallColor="null" isHStripVisible="true"/>   <xAxis>     <labelStyle  color="black" orientation="Slanted" /> 	<titleStyle font="verdana-10" />   </xAxis>   <yAxis scaleMin="0">     <labelStyle orientation="Slanted" color="black"/>     <titleStyle font="verdana-10" isMultiline="false"/>   </yAxis>   <dataLabels style="Pattern" placement="Inside" font="Verdana-10">     <![CDATA[  $(value)\n ]]>   </dataLabels>   <legend allowSpan="true" equalCols="false" isVisible="false" placement="Right" halign="Right"                isMultiline="true">   <decoration style="None"/>   </legend>   <elements place="Stacked" shape="Cylinder" drawOutline="True">     <morph morph="Grow" stage="None"/>     <![CDATA[  $(value) ]]>   </elements>   <popup background="white" font="Verdana-10" foreground="black"/>   <decoration style="RoundShadow"/>   <paint palette="DawnTransluent" paint="Plain" isVertical="true" min="47" max="83"/>   <insets right="5"/>   <background minColor="#attributes.backgroundColor#"/> </frameChart> </cfoutput> </cfsavecontent>
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    Since you're not using the cfchart tags but are actually building up the WebCharts XML, I really have no idea. You'd probably have to check the WebCharts docs since the issue is with WebCharts and doesn't actually have anything to do with CF.

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