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    Cooling Fans

    Hi! I run a computer hardware store in Toronto. I am planning to begin sales of computer cases. I will be getting it manufactured by a Toronto based custom metals parts company called Bayview Metals. I wanna focus on the cooling. What are the things that I should consider to ensure the best cooling? I will be having two fans. Apart from that, is there anything specific that can be done in the design to ensure maximum cooling?
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    There's a lot more speculation and conjecture out there than there is actual science, so take what you read with a grain of salt. (And be prepared to find contradictory opinions.)

    Stuff I can think of off the top of my head:
    1. Make sure the vital components have a fan nearby. HDDs get warm with constant use, and while video cards typically have their own fan(s) they could use a bit of help circulating the air around the case.
    2. Mind obstructions like cables or expansion cards. Impedes airflow. Better cases have cable management features, like being able to route cables behind the motherboard, and many cases offer fans on the side that can blow directly onto expansion cards.
    3. Watch out where the PSU fan blows onto.
    4. Filters are awesome. It means less dust in the case, but they do need to be cleaned periodically.
    5. Grab a piece of paper, sketch out the case and the locations of the fans, and think about where air will travel. There should be an obvious path from one end to the other.
    6. Positive or negative pressure is worth a bit of consideration. Positive has more air being blown in to the case than out, and negative is the opposite.
    7. Larger fans can push more air at a lower noise level than smaller fans, but obviously require more space.
    8. Liquid cooling is more feasible than it used to be a few years ago. Generally only matters for the higher-end gaming computers that have overclocked components.

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