Hello everyone,

We have recently run into the realization that too many students are dropping out of school without being able to finish their secondary education. There are so many reasons: lack of funds, family problems, pregnancy, etc. Compared to other countries, this would not matter as they are more developed and students can complete their education later on. Unfortunately, if it happens here, that really is a bye-bye to education or, in some cases, an uphill battle (children, etc.).

To address this problem, we have decided to go online and allow students and anyone else who would like to complete their secondary education to do so. Unfortunately we have little expertise with regards to such enterprise - that is, equipment, software, etc. We are looking towards posting online video tutorials, notes, exercises, and online examination. Also, hints as to how best manage such a site (security; we have a student that has been hacking our server but have neither the know how nor the training to catch him - he's having a field day with us).

Can anyone advise as to what steps to take? We are looking towards a couple of hundred students first and then make it available to others as time and money permits. Therefore, the equipment (type, along with links of where to find a particular device) and software (for this type of venture) should handle future growth and traffic.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Would appreciate serious answers only.