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    [Solved] PC freezes, sometimes no POST

    Hi all! New on the forum and asking for some help!

    I got back from my vacation and my PC stopped working. I had some problems before, but i thought it was just faulty RAM, which i RMA'd. After new RAM it got even worse. Could use some help! Thanks in advance.

    The problems:

    1. OS/PC freezes after a while of usage
    2. No POST, No BEEP, Power ok, FAN ok, LEDs ok
    3. POST ok, gets stuck on : Initializing USB Controllers ..


    1. sometimes works - pulling out powercord for 5 mins - boots fine
    but then after a while it freezes or restarts again and doesn't boot.

    Tests i did: ( IF the pc worked, most of the time it did not )

    1. tested memory with memtest 64+, no errors
    2. swapped memory banks, no change
    3. pulled out mem, got bios BEEPS, ok
    4. pulled out GPU/VGA, got bios BEEPS, ok
    5. reseated all cables, no change
    6. reseated CPU, no change
    7. tested with prime95, works ok for 10 mins, reboots, then no POST, etc.
    8. checked temps, around 50-60 max, no prob
    9. used no conductive underground and did a bare boot, no change, no beep
    10. cleared CMOS ofcourse, used button and used battery-trick, no change
    11. Used other PSU, no change
    12. even changed other power outlet


    PC setup:

    CPU - i7 950 ( currently not OC'ed - in the past i oc'ed it to 4 ghz )
    + venomous-X cooler
    MOB - MSI X58 Pro-E ( new )
    RAM - GeiL 8gb DDR3-1600 ( RMA'd - new and working ok - memtest)
    GPU - Powercolor HD5870
    PSU - Corsair 750w
    OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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    My first thoughts would be a bad PSU, but it looks like you've tried that. Since that's not likely the case I'd try a different graphics card (especially if you have one you can test with) then I might have to look into replacing or returning the motherboard. I guess another thing to try before returning the motherboard might be to carefully look at the recommended memory for it. If you aren't on the list get one that is. I had a somewhat similar issue using memory that wasn't officially supported on the motherboard. I actually bought cheaper memory and it worked (went from some corsair to kinston value ram.)
    Adam TT
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    Solved the mystery!

    It seemed it was my VGA card which had a short of some kind.
    When i tried another card all problems vanished before the sun.

    thanks for the help/responses.


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