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    I need help with a PCV-RX540 2001 Sony VAIO computer

    I need help with a PCV-RX540 2001 Sony VAIO computer

    I called the closest "Sony Style" store and they referred me to a number that is not in operation in off hours. They also referred me to a web site.

    The online documentation has a few answers, but not the answer to the question I am looking for

    I need to replace a CD drive from an old PCV-RX540 2001 Sony VAIO desktop computer or find a way to open it. The device is defective. When I push the button on the front of the CPU that is supposed to make the drawer come out, it makes a click and then does nothing. It is as if the device had understood that I had pushed the button twice rapidly and the drawer started to come out but changed its direction because the button was hit a second time -- which it wasn't.

    The internal workings of the CPU is such that it seems I will be unscrewing a lot of hardware to get to the CD drive. I wonder if there is a guide somewhere that tells me what to take out and what not to take out.

    I found this after a bit of searching that almost provides an answer:

    The front of the tower should be held on by a few clips, with the left hand cover off you should be able to see behind the front panel, pull the front panel with agentle bit of force and it should come away. Once the front panel is off there should be screws holding the other panels on, undo them and you should have access to the other side of the dvd-rom. hope this helps.
    That is getting close. I have one side panel open; I have the front panel open; and I even have the top panel open. I am pretty sure I need the other side panel open. I see screws holding the box for the CD drives in place on one side. So I imagine they are on the other side.

    How do I open the other side panel?
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    I don't use sony, but they should have a manual on their website and in the manual should be a section on how to remove/replace components.

    Look for some way to remove the entire drive cage to get at the inside CD drive screws. With various Dell and HP computers the 5-1/4 drive cage on some came out the front as an entire unit.
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