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    Help with sleep and psu

    Hello World,

    I am wondering if anyone can help me solve a problem with my pc. Following is the trigger event:

    1. installed a dvd-r/rw drive. one of the pins was not present at the time of installation. I was unaware that a pin had been pushed inward and was not present.
    2. booted pc. windows xp displayed this exact alert: "incompatible ide atapi device."
    3. shutdown pc. removed dvd drive. rebooted.
    4. monitor screen has been black ever since this reboot.

    I have discovered that there is a light on the motherboard. The light, according to Intel, is a sleep led. I believe that my pc is sleeping. I cannot wake it up. I am not a hardware guru and I do not know what to do.

    I've tried reseating the ram. removing the battery for five minutes.

    I've noticed that a connector is attached to the t connector on the board. Intel manual specifies this t connector as "alternate power/sleep led header." I understand this to mean alternate (alternayt not alternit) between sleep and power resume. Is this true? there is no light. I see a hard drive light but no power light.

    Intel Desktop Board d845gebv2/D845PESV:
    I've removed everything but the hard drive, mouse and keyboard. The keyboard lights flash but then it appears to not function. The mouse does not function. If I remove a ram stick and boot, I hear a beep.

    I do not know if the psu needs replaced. I am understanding that the pc may have utilized suspend-to-ram functionality. what does that mean? relevance to my issue?

    any help is appreciated.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Since the only difference in what you did was put in a dvd drive and then pull it out, what I would try first is to rule out the monitor and/or video card first.

    - If the video card is not onboard, then make sure it is seated correctly. When removing the dvd drive, you may have knocked it out a little preventing video from displaying.

    - Verify that the monitor cable is connected properly.

    - Try another monitor and/or cable.

    To answer your question regarding "Suspend to RAM". This is used to lower the power consumption. Basically, configuration and open files are stored in RAM, while other components and such are turned off.

    If you have unplugged, removed memory, etc, then it's probably not a Sleep issue. The light on the motherboard may very well just be a light showing you the motherboard is getting power.
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