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    New PC - sound and modem problems


    I'm more or less a novice when it comes to hardware so would appreciate any help here.

    I've just bought a new PC for a mate of mine, it came without Windows installed, so I installed XP on it for him.

    After XP had installed I discovered via the Control Panel that there is no modem installed.

    I then installed NERO and tried to play a DVD movie and an audio CD, but they wouldn't work.

    When trying to play the DVD I got the message...

    Unable to play back audio. No sound device detected on your system. The movie will play but you will not hear any sound.

    Then when I tried to play the DVD I got this message....

    Due to patent license restrictions MPEG-2 encoding/decoding/playback is not available. This feature can be added by installing DVD-VIDEO Plug-In"

    I tried to play an audio CD and got this message....

    Cannot pay back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding.

    I also got this Error message somewhere along the way...

    Error ID = 0XC00D116A, Remedy ID = 0X00000000

    Does this mean that there is actually no soundcard or modem in the machine at all, or could they be there and just need the drivers installing from the system disc?

    When I bought it the site said there was a 56K Voice Fax and Data modem fitted and also an On-Board 6 Channel (5.1 Digital surround). Built in surround sound capablity.

    Why is there no modem detected and do I need a soundcard?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Make IRQ sharing off in Bios, for the moment.

    Describe your syetem environs. What kind of modem??? OLD, NEW?

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    Well I know that most new computer kits (where I live), they rarely/never put a modem (56k) in it. (I'm assumming it's because they are cheap!)

    Also, newer computers usually come with sound cards integrated in the motherboard. Make sure you installed every driver that was on the CD that came in the motherboard package. If you don't have it go back to the store and ask the guy who built your comp "wtf?"...

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