Just wondering what a PCI Express Graphics Card Expansion is for? My motherboard has one (looks just like the other 2 PCI Express x16, except the expansion is blue).

My motherboard says it has:
- Two PCI slots
- Two PCI Express x1 slots
- Three PCI Express x16 Graphics slots
- One PCI Express x16 Graphics Expansion slot (electrical x8)

But my motherboard has 7 slots (not 8 as indicated above). So is the One PCI Express expansion slot included in the Three PCI Express x16 graphics slots? And if so, can I use the expansion slot as the 2nd slot to run SLI from? (Dunno what electrical x8 will do).

And according to my motherboard's diagram, it shows the 2 PCI Express x16 Graphic slots are for SLI.. doesn't mention the expansion one being for SLI.

Ugh.. so confused, but the reason I'm asking, is if I can use the expansion slot for SLI, then it will free up an extra PCI slot so I can get a tv capture card.