I have a SIIG AP-10 SCSI Pro fast SCSI-2 PCI card to which I
am attempting to attach a seagate ST313230N 1GB SCSI-2
drive. At power-up, the card attempts to scan my disk and
simply hangs with "Scanning SCSI Device #n" where n is
whatever I put the ID to on the drive. The system simply hangs
and does not go forward. The access light on the drive flashes
briefly about once every two seconds. The boot process never
gets past the SCSI card's bios.

I have tried it with a terminated scsi cable (gives the above result)
an unterminated scsi cable (no devices found) and with
another terminated scsi device on the end of the chain (same
result as above).

I know the drive works because I can put it into either
an SGI or SPARC w/s and it is recognized just fine.

Can anyone help identify the problem?

Thanks 10^6.