Hi there. I know there's no best SSD for Windows XP as for Windows 7 or 8, I know XP is not designed for SSD, but I don't actually need an SSD for the speed advantages, but I need them for their non-moving parts.

See, we use old XP laptops for work purposes and those laptops are not on desks, they are moving with people in outdoors, some of them drops the laptops here and there and sometimes, those HDD fails. We still use XP because we bought those laptops cheap (about 20 for 200 each) and because we use old softwares that runs only on XP (no, doesn't work on VM's, we tried it).

So, were pretty much 'stuck' with XP for another 2 or 3 years. But like I said, HDD started to fail since a month or two. There are about 4-5 systems that doesn't work anymore because of the HDD. So, the SSD seems to be a good alternative since there's no moving parts in the HDD, but I know that XP is not 'optimized' for SSD's, like I said, I don't actually 'need' the speed improvement, it would be nice, but we don't mind if it's, at least, as fast as the HDD.

What I'm concerned about, is that I don't know if a SSD under XP can become slower than a HDD since there's no TRIM. I don't want the machine to be slower than a HDD.

What I'm asking you if you can help here, is what is the best SSD we can buy now to run reasonably well under Windows XP and what should be done after it is installed?

NOTE : We have Acronis OS images of Windows XP for HDD, we can 'ghost' the image into the SSD, what should be done once the image is onto the SSD.

The SSD should be about 60Gb.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!