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    No video at boot-up

    My problem started when I added another hard drive to my system. I added the drive and rebooted into Windows. I then ran Partition Magic. My existing drive had two partitions [C: and D:] and I told PM to create a primary partition on the new drive. I guess I should have just left it as a logical partition or whatever. Anyway PM told me that the new partition on the new drive would become D: and my old D: partition would become E: . The program then said it would take care of any problems that the drive re-mapping might cause. The system rebooted and PM started scanning my drives to change links I assume. I let it do its thing and when I came back I had a blue screen with " at l" and one or two other random characters on it. I hit the reset button and the system powered on [fans and drives spun, power and HDD LEDs came on] but I had no video signal going to my monitor. I tried resetting several times, but had no luck. I have tried checking the drive cables, unplugging all the drives, trying an old videocard, and using the clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard. Also, I tried putting the drives in the computer I am using now and the system booted and starting running Scandisk on the drives. I did not want the drives to boot into windows because they would start messing with drivers etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Mobo: A7N8X Deluxe
    CPU: Athlon 1.3 GHz
    RAM: 512MB Crucial DDR400
    HDD: Original: 20GB IBM Deskstar
    Added: 40GB WD
    Video: Radeon 9800 Pro [also tried old Geforce 2 GTS after problems started]
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    The computer will generally be able to tell if a crucial part of the pc is not working or present i.e. graphics card, no keyboard or some important part not responding. basically anything that will prevent the pc from working properly. If the computer finds there is no graphics card there or its not working its will emit a "beep code"

    look here - http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/award.htm

    i.e. one long beep indicates a memory problem

    I know you have said nothing about a beep codes but the only thing that would prevent the the code fromsounding is if the cpu is not working.

    Im assuming you checked the monitor on another pc to make sure its working.

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