Thread: PSU/Mobo issues

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    PSU/Mobo issues

    Trying to help out a friend and running into a problem....

    Background: Had a 350W PSU on his backup box running a PCChips board (Sorry, don't remember the exact model) , Athlon 950MHz CPU -- Fan on PSU stopped working, so it overheated. He doesn't know how long it was before he discovered the problem. Replaced PSU, plugged into mobo, plugged power cable in, hit power button, everything looked like it was coming up normally (Fans started, Lights flashed, all was good :-) )

    After about 2 seconds, everything shut back down.

    Put PSU in known good box, Nada. Got another PSU, plugged everything in, did not even hit power button and heard slight POP.

    Nothing works. Found another PSU (Older one, 250W, stripped board, even removed CPU) Same thing.

    Now the questions are:
    Is it possible that the overheating caused a short somewhere?
    Is there any way that anyone can think of to try to get this thing to boot without frying another PSU? (This can get very expensive very quickly)
    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas......
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    Wow, that's wild. Bad wild, of course.

    I can only toss out a few vague suggestions, unfortunately:

    ... remove the motherboard from the case, at least unscrew its moorings and lift it clear of the case and set it on a book or something. The idea is to clear it from the metal of the case altogether.... then inspect the motherboard carefully, closely. Check for singed, darkened spots, anywhere leads may be bridged by melted component, etc. Examine the capacitors and resistors sticking up, they will bulge or discolor sometime if they have blown.

    ... if the board looks ok, then try powering up with the mobo on the book (clear of the metal case). If the mobo mounting was an issue, then it should not blast back into your PSU.

    I'm sure there are better troubleshooting techniques from an electrical perspective, like breaking out a volt/ohm meter and doing stuff at the PSU<->mobo plug in point, but I am not versed in that level of techique, sorry.

    Good luck!

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