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    HP 970Cxi and 950C are leaking ink

    Hi all,

    I have 2 Printers at work: HP 950C and a 970Cxi. Both started leaking
    black ink out of a sudden. This happened on two different occasions.
    The printers weren't standing next to each other. The leak occurred
    while both printers were "resting" meaning not while printing
    something. Both printers use only original HP cartridges. The printers
    weren't tempered with prior to this incident - no one tried to open
    them, disassemble them, rock them or tilt them etc. The whole area
    under the ink cartridges if full of ink, which flowed rather fast to
    the whole bottom of the printer (since no one noticed this internal
    leak until ink actually spilled out of the printer).

    Does anyone know anything about this? I looked at the ink cartridges
    and it look rather nave (no broken parts, no access ink on the head's

    I will be thankfull for every answer, Dekers
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    This is from the HP site about their ink cartridges:

    "The cartridge is then placed in a filling machine. We are very careful not to over fill. If over filling happens. This may make the cartridge leak though the head of the ink jet. Which could harm the ink jet. The machine delivers 44 - 45ml of ink into the cartridge. We put a few extra ml of ink in the cartridge so that when testing we know that we can test several test prints. After it passes the testing phase. It has between 42ml of ink. After it is filled it is taken out to the testing area"

    Could be that this particular batch of cartridges were overfilledas stated above, but not enough test pages were printed off, leave just a sight overfillage causing the leak. Either that or your office ambient temps were a little too high, and could have caused the leakage...

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    I've got the same problem

    9:37 PM 1/7/2008

    Ijust noticed this thread is 3 1/2 years old! Anyway, thanks for your feedback. I too am now
    having the same problem with a four year old HP952C printer. It leaked black ink in the area
    to one side, at the bottom of the printer, over which the cartridges rest when the printer
    is off. I bought the cartridges at an Office Max type of store, and don't think they were recycled.

    I'm trying to clean it now. It's a mess, as the ink seems to have dispersed over the whole
    undercarriage area and is coming out at the seams. I can't find an assembly/dissassembly
    pictorial or graphic anywhere -- not in the HP website "manuals," nor on the one on my CD
    from HP, so I can't really get at it.

    I'll check here later & post my solution when I clean this out & see if it works.

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    ink leak

    I started noticing the ink leaking from my HP DeskJet 970 Cse and found there the container was full of ink under where the cartridges rest.
    That ink pan is huge and was filled to the top.....what a waste.

    OK the link is blocked for some stupid reason but it's a forum on fixyourownprinter.com that I found while looking for a solution.

    "The purge Unit is full of Ink and this machine should be torn down and washed out. Also the purge unit ink pads replaced."
    "Cleaning the 900 Series Service Station

    Before You Begin
    You will need a T10 Torx driver and some latex gloves if you want to avoid getting ink on your hands once the case has been removed.

    Remove the Case
    1. Remove the two screws in the top of the case
    2. Remove the rear access door and press the release tab in both upper corners of the opening.
    3. Open the hinged cover and release the two "claw" latches using a slot screwdriver. One is in front of the Service Station and the other is on the opposite side in the same relative position. These are a bit tricky to release but patience will prevail.

    Remove the Power Supply
    1. Remove the power-input plug from its bracket by pressing the two latches
    2. Remove the screw securing the power supply and the plastic box surrounding it.
    3. From the front in the general area of the carriage belt, depress the latch that holds the box and power supply in place and slide the assembly out horizontally.

    Removing the Service Station
    1. Unplug the connector from the carriage drive motor.
    2. Unplug the connector from the main electronics board.
    3. Viewed from the front, remove the red screw from right side of the service station.
    4. Remove the screw in the vertical frame to the right of the carriage drive motor.
    5. Remove the screw in the vertical frame to the left of the belt tensioner.
    6. Looking from the top, remove the two screws going through the carriage rod.
    7. The vertical frame will now hinge up and come free of mechanism.
    8 Looking from the front, there is a large latch on the right side of the service station. The wiring obscures it. Using a slot style screwdriver, release the latch and the service station will rotate CCW and lift out. Unplug the motor connector to free the service station from the mechanism.

    Cleaning the Service Station.
    1. Remove the service station motor by removing one screw.
    2. Scrap as much congealed ink as possible from the service station.
    3. Immerse the service station in hot water to dissolve the remaining ink. This will take a while but after a few rinsings nearly all of the ink will be removed."
    My solution didn't go as far as they did...I just removed the two torx screws, released the plastic tabs to remove the entire plastic outer cover and paper towel blotted out the ink. It was a big mess but I cleaned everything and it works like new again.

    Again they won't let the link go through but it's called Dissertation on HP DeskJet repair which is located on repairfaq.org

    "Clean the rectangular rubber seat that the cartridge rests on in the 'parked' position. Dry ink can cake up on it, causing a faulty seal and resulting in dried-up cartridges ($$$!). The rubber seat pulls off and is easily cleaned with a wet paper towel (wear gloves, or you will suffer the dreaded 'black finger syndrome'). Also clean the 'nose wiper' that sticks up about a centimeter to the left of the cartridge seat. This always cakes up and can cause printing problems."
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    annette surfer

    even though your post was 3 years old, it was new to me. That was the best description of the process to clean the spilled ink out of the bottom of my deskjet 952C I found. Mine was a little off from your notes, but worked great. My problem started when I let the printer go off level, what a mess. Thanks

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