Hi Guys,

I hope someone out there can help me. I've had a slowdown problem for a couple of months now which is starting to get very annoying.

I'm certain it's my Raid Card 3650SE. Initially, I started to get a kind of shutdwonn/restart. My computer would just randomly try to restart but couldn't because it couldn't find the hard drives. I found this out because I had to restart the computer, and on the boot screen it stated no drives where available.

So I removed the Raid card from the PCIe slot, cleaned the slot and the card, popped it back in and it booted ok.

Now I think that caused a problem because my computer now runs ok from anywhere between 15-60min (running a game) then just slows right down.

I know your thinking virus or memory leak, I did. So I posted on PCHF and they asked me to run virtually everything to clean my PC. Anyway the upshot is the computer is completely clean.

I've now started looking into hardware issues. I've ran Memtest86+ for 7 passes, nothing wrong with the memory. I've ran HDTune on the HDD's (4 of them on Riad 0) all pass health and error checking. All are 28c temps. I've run Graphic card stress testing software on my HD3870x2 for over a couple of hours, no artifacts and the score is within benchmark results.

So I finally run the ATTO Disk Benchmark software and I'm pretty sure they where a lot better when I first build the RAID.
They are now at Max Read 250mb, Max write 15Mb.

However HDTune says minimum 0.6mb/sec, max 16.7mb/sec That's ridiculously slow.

Does anyone have any other ideas what could be causing the slowdown.

Can't work out how to get images on the post