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    RAM interleaving / multi-channel memory

    Is interleaved memory the same thing as dual/triple channel memory?

    The descriptions I've read make it seem that way, but i'm not 100% sure....any thoughts, anyone?


    edit: i've done some more reading around on this &, although i'm still not sure, i'm getting the impression that interleaving is an obsolete technology, now replaced by multi-channelling.....?

    I'd appreciate any help clarifying this. TIA
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    Having dual or triple channel memory increases the bandwidth available for transferring data in and out of the memory. A system utilizing multiple memory channels can be designed with or without interleaving. When you build a system that supports multiple memory channels you'll put the memory into color-coded slots; the colors correspond to the channel used by that slot. The sticks physically are divided among the channels as evenly as possible.

    Memory interleaving is a distinct technique that describes a method of arranging data in memory. It is not obsolete and is different than multiple channel memory. With interleaving you take chunks of data that are likely to be needed at the same time and you divide them up onto multiple sticks of memory instead of storing them contiguously on a single stick. When the data is needed, the request can be sent to each stick of memory independently and at the same time, allowing the sub-blocks of data to be accessed in parallel.

    The two technologies work well together, but neither requires the other.

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