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    [Help] Internet keeps disconecting on me

    No idea why but my internet randomly shuts off on me.
    I have to wait a few min for it to load back up.

    It just shut off on me twice in the last 10 min.
    Sometimes it stays on for many many hours, but then it shuts off.

    I don't know why it's been doing this lately(like maybe a week, or 2).
    It might be random or it might be getting worse, hard to tell.

    I'm using DSL. My laptop uses wireless and my main computer uses a wire..everything disconnects. Does not matter if I'm running multiple computers or just one. It just likes to disconnect on me.

    Any info you need so you can help me..this is getting annoying!
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    It sounds like you need to check with your isp support.
    Doug G
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    Could be a few different things, but I'm with Doug. Call your ISP tech support at the next opportunity when you find yourself with a surplus of time and patience.

    Possibly it could be your DSL modem is tiring out, or perhaps it's static in the switch box outside your house or somewhere between the two. With a good combination of luck and skill your ISP's tech should be able to narrow down the problem.

    When I had AT&T DSL I'd typically have to reboot everything once or twice a month. With COMCAST it's about once a week. You shouldn't have to put up with it on a continual or daily basis though.

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    If you're in Florida, could be weather related. I've had a few calls in the last couple of days regarding internet problems which seem to be related to AT&T DSL connections. These disruptions with DSL here seem to be because of all the thunderstorms we've been getting.
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    Can you log into your modem/router to see if it has any connect/disconnect logs?

    It might be possible to enable verbose logs which might tell you some useful information about disconnections, which you can then tell your telco/ISP.
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    Try powering down the router for a few minutes and then powering back on. Had similar problems with a Netgear router - however, the router itself was failing and had to be replaced but as a temporary measure, a poweroff seemed to solve the issues for a couple of days at a time.
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