Using onscreen keyboard so this is a bit short.

A week ago or so I spilled pop all on the right side.

I took out battery and power.

I used a paper towel to get most out and left it for awhile.

First all keys worked just fine not even sticky.

Next day they all worked but a few sticky keys but no problems.

Then days later I thought hey just try to unsticky those few keys, with power on. Then a few keys started to act odd, still usable.

Today I decided to clean all keys acting strange I used hand sanitizer generously power off. I let dry about ft anda half feet from fan to dry... it already looked dry but to be safe.

I got back on it hours later, and all the keys were messed up. It acts like keys held down just repeated.

Is there any way to salvage it?

If not I'd just get a usb. Im just hoping for conveance that there is something to do? Or is it past being able to clean or fix?

Id go for usb over opening it up...

Right now I try to uninstall driver, but it requires restart to do and then reinstall its back. So any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.