Hi all, my PC started to crash when playing game recently. I have doubts it might be an overheating problem, so I installed CPUID Hardware Monitor to see all my hardware temperature and I noticed that my 2 identical, SLI-enabled video does not have the same Voltage and, as probably a result, does not have the same temperature.

They are nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, the 1st one has a 0.95V and the other one has a 1.16V. I've never 'touched' those values anywhere, and my video cards are not 'overcloaked' by any means.

As probably a result, video card #1 get temperature of 45C when idle and the 2nd one is at 67C at the same time.

When playing games (it did that to me today when playing Starcraft 2 and then Diablo 3), it 'freezes' after some minutes of playtime, it's like I'm kicked out of the game, the screen goes black and then, my mouse doesn't work neither my keyboard. I have to press the manual power button.

Is it normal to have a 20+ C difference in temperature when idle?

I will put CPUID on my 2nd monitor and try to look at the temp increase for both video cards when I'm on a starcraft 2 game.

Also, at what temperature a system usually protects himself by freesing like this?