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    Setting up a linux box to serve as a Web Server

    Im thinking about setting up a linux box to run as webserver for two sites im running

    Btw i havent yet built it. It will be running on my Cable Connection and yes i am allowed.

    I dont want to spend to much but so far what im thinking for putting into it is this

    20Gb-30Gb HDD
    1Gb Ram (Upgradable to 3GB)
    17" LCD
    IDE CD Burner (For Backups) //not sure on brand as of yet


    Now what i am wanting to know:

    What Software is avaliable for Burning CDs in Red Hat 8.0?

    What Security Software will i need? Obviously ill need a Firewall and Anti Virus Program?

    What other programs will i need? Such as DNS etc.
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    I think this is probably in the wrong forum.. you should probably move it to the LInux forum or somesuch.. but seeing as there are some hardware questions..

    yes, yes and yes - 1GB is more than I have in any of the commercial webservers I run. 20-30GB will be *plenty* unless you're going to be serving some serious quantities of pr0n and, well the screen doesn't matter - you don't need that .. you can run a headless webserver and administer it from your winXP laptop over the network without too much hastle. I guess all you need is a basic VGA monitor just to get the box installed. you could pick that up for 15 quid in the market

    as for server software, Redhat does offer an out-of-the-box firewall option (you'll come accross it during the install). It's basically just a pre-baked list of iptables rule chains. If you understand packet filtering, you could just ignore this and do it yourself. Also, if you're running this box behind an ADSL connection, or similar (and it sounds like you probably are), then your modem/router will most probably come with a built in firewall/NAT/port forwarding collection, so you'll be pretty good from the beginning.

    As for the webserver, all you need is Apache to deliver web pages. PHP is useful if you want some server side scripting capability, or if you want to talk to a database.. and yeah, Mysql is a useful enough database to wedge in behind the PHP.

    What more could you need? go on then.. get cracking

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