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    Hardware Bandwidth

    Hey everyone, I'm new to these forums. I really liked the information people gave here, and since I am confused on a few small things about computer hardware, I figured I would come here for the answers. I look forward to a good experience on this board, and also meeting new interesting people.

    My main question concerns hardware bandwidth. Mainly focused around communication between the CPU/mobo/chipset/RAM. On the RAM for example, bandwidth is measured in bits... but, I don't see what exactly bandwidth is measuring... the width of the integrated wires on the motherboard? When bandwidth increases, what physically increases on the hardware? anything at all?

    Also, terms like "Dual Memory Support" confuses me, because it's supposed to make DDR run faster on a motherboard that supports dual memory...

    If anyone could lead me through this confusion, I would be so grateful. I appreciate everyone's time.

    Again, I really enjoyed the information here, and I can't wait to get some responses
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    Bandwidth doesnt refer to the tracks on the board or how fast information travels down them. It mainly refers to how much information the chips can process in one lot. The more they can do at once the more can come through.

    The Dual Memory normally referrs to when the system has 2 independant memory controllers meaning twice the bandwidth to the memory chips and therefore better performace.

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